Monday, April 21, 2014

Matter: Mass and Weight

Dear Blogger today I will be able to to answer the lesson question from my science class.

  1. What are the two properties that tall types of matter including solid, liquids, and gases have in common? Well according to the videos in Discovery Education Digital Textbook I found out that all solid, liquids, and gases. They all have weight. Although, They have different mass in the they have weight. Another thing is that they can be measured. 
  2. What is weight and how does weight differ from mass? Weight is a way to measure something or and person. For example if you want to see how much you weigh you would step on a scale. Weight is different from mass because when you weighing something like if the jar and water. But the mass is when you weigh something not the hole thing I got this from Discovery Education Digital Textbook
  3. How are weight and mass measured? Well accoreding to Discovery Education Digital Textbook
  4. and the videos I got information that mass is by using grams. by having grams you can find the balance in a objects. And weight you have to use newtons to find the base mass of an object. 
  5. Does changing the location of an object change its mass or weight?  If you change the location the mass of an object stays the same. But the weight doesn't . For example if you measrue something in earth and its just say it 654 grams and the weight was 7.6 . Then you measrue the same thing in the moon the mass is 654 grams but he weight would be  44.6 . I got this from Discovery Education Digital Textbook. 
  6. How does the mass of an object compare to the mass if its ? By finding the mass of an object mass it the same to finding the mass of its parts is the same because you finding the mass of whatever your looking for. The only thing that is different is the weight.When  look at a brick and a box that are the same  size the on that is heavier has more mass. I got this information from Discovery Education Digital Textbook


Sunday, March 30, 2014

What in a Name

Dear bloggers, 

I have finished the book ''What in a Name". This book explains how names were made. They use a classes name but first they go back in time. They were saying that there were towns were everyone had the same last name. But then everyone got confuse and started calling them by their name and what they did or how they look like. For example if their named were Joe and her was son of John they would call him Joe Johnson. Then they when back to the class room they look at all all of the last names they would find out how he or she got their last name. They would find out if they were son of or what the do or how they look like.  They would also explain how you get last names. We'll read the book because I did forget some other things in a named. 

Sixth Grade Glommers, Nork, And Me

Dear Bloggers,

I have finished the book" Sixth Grade Glommer, Norks, and Me". This book is a very good book because it takes about how ther girl feel and all. This book is about this girl named Allison but everyone calls her Ally. She is going to middle school and she wants to have good friends. But then Ally liked abou who was in 7th grade. Some times she would lie to her father because he would always ask her if her day was fine in school. At the end she finds out that the 7th grade boy wasn't the one that that she liked and she also found out that her friends were not the friends that she wanted. And when you read the book she makes up word with a definition with it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Respiratory System

The function of the lungs is to send air to the blood in your body. There is also a special muscle that gets together it collect the fresh air and then getting rid of it. When you inhale the air goes to you lungs oxygen pass through the blood it gives to the cells that needs it. Then when you exhale you are letting out waste which is carbon dioxide. Muscles relax which it causes to let air get your lungs fill with air.

The respiratory system helps the body because it is allowing you to breath. It is also allowing you get the good air in to your body and allowing you to get bad air out of our body. The respiratory system also helps the body by giving oxygen to the cells that need that oxygen.

The respiratory system started with the nose and the mouth it allows to get air from the out side. Next it travels into the trachea and the trachea takes the air to the bronchi .The bronchi takes the air to the lungs. The lungs send off oxygenated air to the blood. Then they send the carbon dioxide back to the lungs and the diaphragm helps the lung breath it out.    

Friday, March 14, 2014


Dear Bloggers,

I have sent an award to Skyla. I have sent this award for to Skyla because she would tell about her book by beginning, middle and end. But she would not tell every single thing. She would tell the important things well I think. She explains what we will see in the book. I think that she did a very good job.

See the award right here. Behold..